Sunday, June 10, 2007

Raggedy Ann/Andy Light Bulbs

Presented by: paintlady

Supply List:
2 light bulbs

flat white primer

acrylic paint(medium flesh,peaches and cream,black, white and red.)

Yarn ( I used Red Heart Plush from wal mart)

ribbon for hangerscrap

fabric for bow

piece of newspaper


hot glue

stencil cream ( i use this for the cheeks but you can use paint if you like)

I think this is the main list. If you want to prepare your bulbs before class I just tie a piece of jute around the metal part of mine and hang them on the clothes line and spray paint them with the white primer. Somje people do use the gesso instead and sponge it on. I suppose you could also just sponge on paint until coated if you are not comfortable with the spray painting.

Step 1- I take a piece of jute and tie around the metal socket part of the bulb. Then I take the bulb out to the clothes line and pin it with a clothes pin and use cheap flat white paint and give them about 3 light coats of paint. Just do it until you think they are covered nicely. see pic 1

Step 2- Once your bulb has dried. I usually let mine sit a couple days after doing the primer but you can do yours how you want. Mixed equal parts of peaches and cream paint to medium flesh paint and then painted my bulb. I put 3 coats on my bulbs but you can do as many or as few as you like. I leave the jute on them at this point so that I can hang them to dry around the house between coats. I then take my pattern and trace the face onto the bulb.

Step 3 - I then take my pattern and trace the face onto the bulb. See pics 2 & 3

Step 4- Paint the face on the bulb and at this point I also put on the stencil cream for the cheeks.I will show how it looks when completed. At this point I took a piece of ribbon about 10-12 inches long and tied a knot in the end and then glued it to the metal screw part of the bulb. I glued the knot in the front and the glued on around to the back to form the hanger. You can use wire if you prefer. See pics 4 & 5

Step 5- While the faces are drying, I get out my yarn and cut 8 inch long pieces. I cut a whole stack of them depending on how many bulbs you are doing. This can take awhile but I do it while watching tv. See pic 6

Step 6- Take 8 pieces of the yard and then take another piece and tie the bundle in the middle. Make several of these depending on your bulb. I think with mine I used about 11 bundles per bulb. This is what the bundles will look like when you go to put them on the bulb. See pics 7 & 8

Step 7- I start on the side of the bulb right next to the cheek area and I put hot glue on the bulb and then put a bundle of the yard into the hot glue. Then put another blob of hot glue about half an inch or so above the first bundle and glue on another. And then repeat for the third time. You won’t cover the whole top of the socket part but we will deal with that later. Continue on around the head until you come to the other side of the face. See pic 9

Step 8- This is how the bulb will look when you get to the other side. You can see you have a spot right in the middle of the face so take one bundle and glue it onto the socket part and let it hang done in front of the face. This is how it will look. Pretty strange looking huh??
See pic 10 & 11

Step 9- Then take your scissors and start giving them a hair cut. You can cut it as long or as short as you please. I try to make his a bit shorter than hers but you do what you like. Of course cut shorter for the bangs area . See pic 12

Step 10- Now we will deal with the bare spot on the top of the bulb. I don’t do anything with his cause his will be covered with a hat but with hers I put a blob of hot glue on it and then take pieces of the yarn and put them in the area to cover the metal. See pic 13 &14

Step 11- Next measure a piece of newspaper 5 ½ inches by 7 inches. Then fold the newspaper in half making it 5 ½ inches by 3 ½. Then fold the corners in to form a triangle and fold the bottoms up to make the brim. Then you take your scissors and cut a section off the tip to just get the hanger thru. Then hot glue the hat to his head. See pics 15, 16 , 17, & 18

Step 12- Cut a piece of fabric to whatever size you want and tie a bow and glue onto her head and they are all done. See pic 19

Linda (paintlady)

Lightbulb Pattern

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