Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lighted Christmas Box

Lighted Christmas Box

Supply List:
rabbit wire
wire cutters
crochet thread
spray paint
100 string lights
metallic mesh material
and your embellishments

You need to cut 6 pieces of rabbit wire. I do mine 8 X 8. This pic shows what they look like when they are cut. See pic 1

The next step is to take your crochet thread and wrap each indivual piece. It can be in any pattern, this will help keep the lights inside and also make the box have a "textured" look. See pic 2

After all 6 pieces are wrapped, take 5 of them and lay them out like in the picture below. This makes it easier to line up the sides to attach them together with the zip ties. See pic 3

The next step is to attach the zip ties to hold it together. I always put 3 on each side. One on each corner and one in the middle. Repeat this step on all sides. The 6th piece will be put on after the box is completely assembled. See pic 4

After all sides are attached and the zip ties are trimmed, it is time to start "pulling" up the sides. These are done the same way as in the previous step, with 3 zip ties (one on each corner and one in the middle). Repeat this until the entire box is sturdy. See pic 5

After your box is put together it is now time to add the lid. All you do is place the 6th piece that you have and zip tie only one side. You will again use 3 ties. This will form something like a "hinge". See pic 6

When you get to this step it is time to spray paint it. I use the Craft Coat that you find at Wal-Mart in the paint department, but you could use whichever brand that you like. I like this one because it dries quickly. This is what it will look like once it has been painted. See pic 7

After it has been painted and has dried, I put my lights in. In a box this size I always use at least a string of 100. You can use either white or color, I have used both and they both look good. See pic 8

Now it is time to close up the box. Once again you use 3 zip ties for each side. I always pull the light cord to one corner. This allows it to set flat. Once you have all the zip ties on, flip it over, this will now become the bottom of the box, with the light cord in the back. See pic 9

It is now time to wrap it. This is the type of material I use. See pic 10

There are 2 different ways to wrap it. I have done it both ways. The first is to just cut a large square of material and pull up the sides to where it meets on top. If you do it this way you will have to cut a slit in the fabric to feed the plug in out of.The second way and actually the one I prefer is to cut 2 strips of the fabic about 10 inches wide and lay it down to where it looks like a "t". Sit the box in the center and pull up all 4 sides. See pic 11

Once the sides of the fabric are pulled up, I secure it with another zip tie. I make sure that the fabric is pulled tight, this makes the box look neater.When the sides are pulled up you will have a little extra fabric down the side corners of the box. I then fold the edges around the side of the box in and dab it with a little hot glue. Your plug in will now be able to come out without having to cut a slit in any of the fabric. In this picture you can see the left side of the box where I have folded it and haven't glued it, and the right side I have. It depends on how tight the fabric is pulled, sometimes you don't have to glue it, when it is folded in it will lay flat and tight.

See pic 12

Now comes the fun part!DECORATING!!!! I trim off the top of the fabric where it is tied with the zip tie to make it as flat as I can. I then take ribbon and wrap up the sides, like you would a chritmas present. I do all this with hot glue. Next it is time to decorate the top. You can use almost anything to embellis it. Ribbons, bows, flowers, christmas ornaments.....the sky is the limit. I am partial to flowers and ornaments so I usually do a combination of the both with a smaller ribbon. I also do this because I am not a very good bow maker This a pic of a gold one that I have decorated and I will post a pic of one done in silver below. See pic 13

Here is a pic of one done in silver. I hope that I have explained everything well enough, I was so nervous. If anyone has any questions please let me know. Also, all of the pictures of the boxes that have been done previously are all beautiful. Everyone done a great job on them! If anyone gets a chance to try these please post your pics, I would love to see everyone's work! Thank you all for asking me to do this class and for being so patient, it has been a learning experience for me this morning too! See pic 14


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