Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grandma's Paddle

Grandma's Paddle

by Jean (granny3641)

Step 1
Cut off blue jeans legs (or use what ever material you like). Cut a heart pattern. Mine is 7 1/2 by 7 1/2. Pin to double thinckness of blue jeans leg. Cut out. Choose the words you want to use. Nana-Papa-Gramp's-Grandma, etc. Embroider, paint applique onto the center of the heart. (I typed the words in one of my card programs, large as they would go, printed and pinned to heart. Put in hoop and embroidered. Next will aplique) See PIC 1

Step 2
You don't have to do words or figures on both sides... See PIC 2

Step 3
Sew (or glue/hot glue) lace of your chose onto the right side of one heart. Make sure the lace itself point to the center of the heart. I sewed in the stitching that was on the lace. Mine is cotton lace. See PIC 3

Step 4
Now lay the back on top of the front right sides together, making sure the lace won't get caught up in the stitching, and start at the V in the heart and sew around. Leaving about 1" on either side of the V open. I use about 1/4" seams. See PIC 4

Step 5
Turn and gently pull on the lace to help turn. When turned, gently pull on the lace to form the heart. Stuff lightly in the point and the sides. Add the paint stick (or a stick that has been cut like the paint stick or what ever you chose to use as the handle), leaving about 8-9 inches for the handle. Gently stuff on top of the stick, turn over and stuff the same on the back. See PIC 5

Step 6
Turn opening under about 1/4" (I pinned mine so I could work with it) and hot glue on the material. Sort of stretch gently to form the V and stick to the handle. If you use pins, remove them immediately so they don't stick. Turn over and do the same. Fluff with your hands, find your husband or kid and try it out. lol

See finished PIC 6

Hope these work for you. It's easier for me to show you than tell you.
Good luck.


-This would also be a good way to tell your Mom and Dad they are going to be grandparents.
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Thank you, & have fun crafting!