Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Painted Stepping Stone Presented by: KansasRetiree

*Thanks to Kansas Retiree (Kathleen) for offering to teach us her techniques to enhance our gardens and pathways.

Rose Tutorial Supplies:

Concrete stepping stone or surface of your choice.


Large rose: 5/8 inch angular brush

# 12 round

Small rose: 3/8 angular brush

#2 round

Acrylic paints Americana Paints:

For Leaves:


Burnt Umber

Snow White

Cadmium Yellow

For Roses:


Deep Burgundy

Santa Red

Snow White
Cadmium Yellow


Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish(You may substitute a brand of paint that you have on hand or that is carried in your local store.)

1. Paint stepping stone black, draw circles with white pencil or chalk in a pleasing arrangement. You could use a spray can top for this.

2. Paint circles solidly with Mauve acrylic paint.Paint center of rose toward top and base the shadows toward bottom with Deep Burgundy.Sketch leaves in & paint with Avocado.

3.Shadow leaves with Burnt Umber and highlight with Snow White or perhaps a little yellow paint.

4. Double-load brush with Santa Red on heel and Snow White on toe.Make first stroke in a semi-circle as shown.

5. Make comma stroke from the left top of the rose and drag into the center, lifting as you go.

6. Make a comma stroke from the right.

7. Continue with comma strokesalternating around the rose.

8. Make these strokes from top to bottom of the rose.

9. End with two downward strokes to finish.

10. Highlight with white to define roses.

11. Add stamens to finish.

12. Completed Rose

Let dry thoroughly and cover with three coats of varnish or sealer.I used a clear automotive spray paint I bought in the auto dept at our local discount store. It is supposed to withstand temps up to 500°.
I figure it will then be OK in the cold winter.
I hope you enjoy your painting.


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Thank you, & have fun crafting!