Friday, May 5, 2006

Oven Dress

Oven Door Dress

by Deb O’

Print out their directions & their actual pattern in the link below (which is an embedded link).

Keep in mind when you are reviewing the directions from the link - this is MY version of the instructions - to better serve you.

Materials needed:

1 dish towel with pattern on both sides when folded in half1/3 yd. material to coordinate with your pattern or colors


2/3 yd. material to coordinate with your pattern or colors (see note below)

thread to match the material

3/8” ribbon – coordinating color – 2 yds. (cut in half for 1 yd. each)

thread to match the ribbon (if not the same color as the top)

straight pins (I used the ball head pins in colors, separating the ones in red)

sewing machine (make sure that you have bobbins with plenty of matching thread for complete outfit)

Before you begin cutting material – please cut out the pattern that you have printed out. Once cut out, fold in half down the center of the top, matching the sides as close as you can. Then cut along one side to make both sides even. Picture 1:

NOTE regarding amounts of material needed for top pattern piece.Example below – take cut pattern with you – believe me, it helps to know how you are going to lay out the pattern & how much material you will need. Picture 2:

This is more than 2/3's yard - I bought 1-1/3 yrd. so this is my left overs. Note the selvages are on one end. Picture it as the material on the actual bolt . Picture 3:

This is to give you an idea when you lay the actual pattern on a printed design pattern, ie. chili peppers/cowboy boots/cactus - that you will fold it differently. Selvage ends to selvage ends.
Picture 4:

Deb O'

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