Friday, August 17, 2007

Ribbon Angel

by One Happy Bird

Thanks to Crafterwannabe who is the one who originally shared this project idea with me!

Okay, first off, buy some pretty wired ribbon with the wider "edge" to them. It will work much better when folding the ribbon and you won't have the problem of wire "popping out" at the end.
*Pic 1

Secondly, fan fold a piece of ribbon to make 7 pleats in the front. Staple the top and cut off the top edging. See how I did it in the pictue below?
*Pic 2

Thirdly, fan fold another piece of ribbon, just like you did the first time, only make 5 pleats in the front. Now, fold the ribbon in half and squeeze. You can see a faint line where you squeezed your ribbon in half, so now you know where the center is. staple it right on that faint line.
*Pic 3

This is the fun part! "Open your fan folds. Use a low-temp glue gun and hot glue the wings on top of the dress. Hot glue a bell for the face. You can string some ornament thread through the top of the bell, to hang on a Christmas tree or package. Add a little rose, flat back heart rhinestone, cross or some other embellishment on the "waist line" of the dress. This covers where you hot glued the two pieces together.
*Pic 4

Now, wasn't that easy?!
(((Big Hugs)))
Lori Jean :o)