Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gingy Pan by CJ's Crafts

I have a few pics so please be patient. This is the set up for the first set....splattering. Do not remove the label on the pan until after splattering:
Pic #1

Splattered skillet:
Pic #2

Using the same paint you splattered with, base in the bottom of the skillet:
Pic #3

Now base in using honey brown until you get a solid color :
Pic #4

Dry brush highlight in center, fading to edge. I used Yellow Ocher:
Pic #5

Dry brush cheeks in using bright red:
Pic #6

Sketch eye shapes over cheeks and shade. Also shade around outside of circle:
Pic # 7

Sketch mouth now and paint mouth, eyes and eyebrows black:
Pic # 8

Add nose in spiced apple and shade under it:
Pic # 9

Add white highlights. I also shaded under mouth to make his lip:
Pic #10

Using burnt umber,and a liner brush. Paint in halo of twigs:
Pic #11

I did one stroke, but the leaves could just be painted on in one color. Then add berries using a stylus:
Pic #12

He is done. I use Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze and seal the entire backside of the pan, including the spattered parts. Tear some coordinating homespun and wrap handle. Finish off with a bow. And you are done!

I found those skillets at the Dollar Tree

I splatter the edges with enamel, then using a flat brush, paint the face circle. The enamel adheres to the pan, the acrylics then will adhere to the enamel. Then the face is painted with acrylics

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