Friday, July 11, 2008

Fork Bow

Many thanks to "one happy bird" for this tut~
Fork Bow Tutorial

I made this fork bow tutorial for you. It's very easy and makes cute little bows that can be tied to favors, small earring boxes, homemade Christmas ornaments and more! I used an old, big serving fork to demonstrate, but you can use a regular size fork or dowels glued on a wooden base.

Picture 1 Below: All you need is some kind of 4 pronged fork, ribbon and a pair of scissors.

Picture 2 Below: First off, start by weaving the ribbon in and out of the fork. Leave a little extra ribbon on the left and just let it lie there. The ribbon you will be weaving with is pictured on the right.

Picture 3 Below: Take the ribbon on the right hand side over the top of the fork and weave the ribbon in and out.

Picture 4 Below: Then, do the same thing again on the left hand side of the fork, weaving the ribbon in and out, coming the opposite direction. Remember, you are only weaving with the one ribbon. The other piece of ribbon on the left is just going to lie there.

Picture 5 Below: Now, finish weaving in and out until you almost reach the top of the fork.

Picture 6 Below: Take a separate piece of ribbon and slide it through the bottom in the middle of the fork.

Picture 7 Below: Now, tie it tight! Slide the whole thing off the fork.

Picture 8 Below: You should have 4 ribbon strings on the bow. Cut two of the pieces to look like part of the ribbon. The other two pieces of ribbon that are left can be tied around a little sachet-like favor.

You can actually do a multitude of projects with this little bow. I just gave one example when I mentioned party favors. ~one happy bird