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Dapper Snowman Lesson 1

Dapper SnowLady

Presented by: crafterbug

Hint to print out right size for pattern: Right click and SAVE PICTURE [I saved it in with my craft photos etc.] I then went into my photos and selected PRINT PICTURE / then selected FIT TO PAGE. All of the pieces fit on one sheet of paper. Your Snowman will be between 6" - 7" tall depending on the hat .
Height of the pattern pieces: ....the Snowman's body should measure approx. 7 1/8" tall .....the vest at the top most point to the bottom most point measures 8 1/8" .......and the Arm from elbow across to fingertip measures 2 3/4"

Pattern link:


1/4 yd lightweight blanket fleece or white sparkle felt ( Walmart )
***this will make plenty as you're only going to use approximately a doubled square 9" x 9"a tracing pen for tracing around your pattern

Sculpey clay - Pumpkin Orange

4mm black beads - 2 ( eyes)

Threads ...white regularweight sewing thread for your machine ,
-White Upholstery Thread (this stuff won't break !) ,
-thread to match your costume colour (mine is pink ), -
-Black Embroidery Floss (mouth, use 2 strands) ,
-White Embroidery Floss (embroidery on vest front ...Optional ),
-Coloured Embroidery Floss (4 strands for blanket stitch on hat - optional )

Long Needle (mine is about 3 " )

Blush ( mine is Snow Plum by CoverGirl)


Plastic Pellets (or rice ) 1/2 cup

Funnel (optional )

Glue gun and glue

2 buttons ( or tiny ribbonroses ) for the vest

Seed beads ( for embroidery on vest..optional )I used white and crystal

Delta Paint : White (optional),liner brush1 Felt square for vest ( I used Sugar Pink)

Fleece for Hat and Scarf Hat : cut 6 1/2" x 3 "Pompom : cut 2" x 1 1/2"Scarf : cut a strip 12 1/4 " x 1"

**** Note : I would suggest making up a few noses ahead of time . To make the noses ,follow directions on the package for conditioning your clay ; pinch off very small pieces about 1/4" , roll into ball shape and flatten slightly ,you should have a little oval of a nose . Since you're going to use the oven to bake these for 10 minutes it only makes sense to have some extra made up . I usually fill a aluminum pie pan full. Once the nose is baked and cooled . I use a dry liner brush dipped in tiny dab of white paint and on the right front side of the nose I make a + sign and then put an x over it (like a little snowflake has landed on the nose ).

Remember ,this is very IMPORTANT ...relax , smile ,and HAVE FUN .... this is a very easy to do project with loads of costume potential.

Dapper Snow Lady:

Make cardboard templates from your pattern. I simply print off two patterns and use one for reference or in case I lose one and the other I glue to cardstock or a lightweight card board. Then cut the pieces a part. If you’re using fleece fold your fabric with right sides together and if you’re using felt, simply fold so you have two layers. Trace around each pattern piece. Please leave enough room between the pieces so that when you’ve finished stitching them you will have room to cut them apart. See PIC 1

Now since I have such a large piece of fabric I need to be able to use it at the sewing machine easier, so I cut just enough to be able to get it onto the sewing machine …it measures about a 9” x9” block.
See PIC 2

With regular white sewing thread in my machine and my stitch length set to a small ( on my machine that’s about a 2 ) , and I also have an open toe foot for my machine too . Although not a necessity it sure makes the sewing even easier. All you do is sew around each piece ON THE LINES. Go slowly …In the next photo you can see where the sewing has been finished.
See PIC 3

Finished stitched lines.
See PIC 4

Now it’s time to cut the pieces apart. Make sure to leave a small seam allowance ….
See PIC 5

Now that you have all the pieces cut apart ….
See PIC 6

Now it’s time to cut the openings for turning. There are only TWO things to remember, first be sure to cut through only one layer of the fabric! and, secondly , be sure you have one arm that is left and one that is right .This is a common step to overlook .
See PIC 7

Now turn all your pieces right sides out …
See PIC 8

And now it’s time to start stuffing your pieces. I always stuff firmly. The body piece first has the plastic pellets added, and this is where I find using a funnel works great ….unless you like chasing pellets across the floor….
See PIC 9

When you have your pellets in , then start adding your stuffing .Fill each piece firmly.
See PIC 10

And now close all your openings with whatever stitch you like. I prefer the ladder stitch, but whatever works for you .These areas won’t be seen anyway...
See PIC 11

Now we’re ready to make the head and neck really appear .Using your Upholstery thread , it’s so strong you only need one strand , anchor your thread in the side of the neck with a couple of small stitches ; wrap your thread around the neck twice and PULL FIRMLY ! This is going to give you that nice defined head shape .Fasten your thread off on the side like you did when you started. Cut your thread.
See PIC 12

Nice shaped head…
See PIC 13

Your next step is to make the indentations for the eyes. I try to keep my eyes at least have and sometimes nearly 2/3’s of the way down the face .Any higher and you’ll have an “older” appearing face / and / or a “surprised” look to your Snowman.

Again you want your Upholstery thread, and this time your long needle. Attach your thread in the back of the head about midway down ; go thru to the front ,move over about 1/8 ‘ – ¼” and go back in and bring your needle out the back , pull SNUGLY , and repeat . To fasten your thread off and not have your nice indentation slip while you’re fastening your thread , hold your thumb in the indentation while you finish off with a couple of small stitches in the back .Move over and do the second eye indentation in the same way. This photo doesn’t show as well as I’d like, but you don’t add your beads until the indentations are finished first...
See PIC 14

Now you can sew in your eyes or if you feel confident with the glue, please go ahead and glue. I trust my needle so that’s what I do …sew.
See PIC 15

Now you can glue on his nose, trying to keep it up closer to the eyes for a more childlike appearance.
See PIC 16

**At this point I either make his smile or do his blush, whichever is easiest .Today I’ll blush his cheeks first. I use a powder blush, but if I have it in the right color I could also use the Stencil crème. To apply the blush, you can use a powder blush, a small applicator or a small makeup blush will do the trick. Just apply in a circular motion near his nose and eyes. To keep that cutesy look try to keep all your work in this area close together. Too much space can give you an aged/older look or a surprised expression. Here is the face with the blush...
See PIC 16 B

Now, using just 2 strands of embroidery floss , stitch his /her mouth . For myself , I usually will make a few pencil dots in the basic shape I want to embroider so I know where I’m going .Now I’ll add my blush …and set him/her aside while you work on the vest ....don't worry about the arms ...we'll get back to them.

Because the Vest is made and put on before the arms are attached, just set your little friend aside for now .

It’s time to make the vest.
Lay your vest pattern piece on the felt and trace around it; cut out on the lines. At this point I tried the vest on my Snowlady and decide where I wanted to add some embroidery on the front. I marked a couple of points with my pencil, removed the vest and embroidered.
To do the embroidery, I used 3 strands of white embroidery floss and first made a long + sign, over this I made a smaller x sign. Same as when I had painted the Snowflake on the nose. Now with my Upholstery floss and white seed beads I sewed a seed bead to each of the 4 points on the + sign; next I used my crystal colored beads and sewed one on each point of the x and one in the center of the x.

At this point the vest is ready to be glued onto your Snowlady/man. I first pin mine in place, making sure my side pieces evenly overlap and my bottom vest points are even. I use my glue gun and working slowly and carefully I’ll remove a straight pin and put a dab of hot glue, gluing down that point and moving on to the next.

Once the vest is glued down where you want it, it’s time to glue your arms on. I put my hot glue over the closing seam I made in the arms and attach them where they belong. These next photos will show you the way.
See PIC 17

I like to make sure the sides of the vest line up evenly ...
See PIC 18

Now it's time to glue on the arms ....
See PIC 19

Now you can also glue on your buttons or ribbon roses or what ever you have decide to use .
Now she needs her hat …..
From a piece of Pink Blanket Fleece I cut these strips :
Hat : 6 ½ “ x 2 ½
Hatband : 6 ½ “ x 2
Pompom : 2 ½ “ x 1 ¼

*Please note , if using the Polar fleece the measurements do change slightly:
Polar Fleece Hat : 6 ½ “ x 3
No hatband is needed as you will be turning up a cuff instead .
Pompom: is the same

Because the hat is really easy , I haven't done any photos but I can if you like; I will show how simple the pompom is in photos and you can let me know if you need more

The method for the hat:
Sew short sides together. Hand gather on end of the hat, snug up and fasten off. Turn right side out .If you’re using Polar Fleece, turn up a cuff about ½ “ to ¾ “ .For the hatband for those using the blanket fleece… Sew your short ends together. Now fold your wrong sides together and stitch as close to the edges as you can all the way around. Now with a little tugging and pulling roll this seam so it’s in the back and doesn’t show. You now have a hatband. At this point I use 4 strands of embroidery floss and do a blanket stitch all around the top edge of this band.This bit is entirely optional. I just like to embellish.

Time to make your little Pompom: sewing a hand gathering stitch down the center length of the 2 ½ x 1 ¼ “ piece …lay the strip out flat and carefully snip about ¼" snips along the sides in to but not thru your center line of stitching; turn the piece and do the same down the other side. Pull up your gathering stitch fasten the two ends together fasten off fluff up a bit . Glue it in place on top of the hat.
See PIC 20

The second side…
see PIC 21

Pompom finished and ready to be glued on hat…
see PIC 22

Let’s glue the hat on. Main piece first .I glue the back first, then the front, bringing the edge down close to the eyes. Time to add the hat band. Simply slip it down over the hat, and glue in a couple of spots so you can’t see the edge of the main hat piece. Glue the Scarf around the neck in a couple of places; I snip a few ¼“ snips on each end of the scarf for a fringe look.
See PIC 23

Time to step back and admire your creation .You did it! Now let’s see some Snowmen and ladies I hope you’ve had fun with this little pattern and will use it as a jumping off point for your own adorable Snow Family.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I’ll get right back to you.

Another Dapper Snow lady.
See PIC 24

***No black beads? No problem, use your clay and dab it with some black paint and presto, black eyes ...a little glue laid in the indentations and then your clay bead eyes and you have it made !

***Blushing of the cheeks:
For me, I use the powder blush, but in the same breathe I'd like to add I have used Stencil cream before too for my Snowmen. I just at this time don't have any which is pale enough for the cheeks. I've photographed these heads which are in progress now showing what I use ...the eye make-up sponge I like for the smaller faces and the larger sponge I use for these faces.
I simply rub the sponge across the powdered blush a couple of times and then in a swirling motion rub it onto their cheeks close to the eyes, mouth, and nose. Hope this helps! If not , let me know and I'll try clearer photos.
See PIC 25

Hugs 'n Stitches,

Wanda in Nova Scotia

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