Saturday, June 16, 2007

Painted Screen

Painted Screen

by Paintlady (Linda)

Here is the supply list:
Screen of your choice (it can be any size or shape)

Pattern of your choice (am using one from Renee Mullins Frosty Friends book)

Acrylic Paint (found at WalMart & craft supply stores) needed for the pattern you are using for this project.

Deerfoot stippler paint brushes (3/8 and 1/4 sizes)

Any embellishments that you wish.

I think that pretty much covers the supply list. It takes so little for the supplies and you will be surprised because most of the things only take one coat of paint. Hope to see you all there.
Hello everyone and welcome to the screen painting class. It has been awhile since I have done a class so please bear with me on this while I try to remember how to do it. There are at least 22 steps I have written down along with pics so please let me get them in and then if there are questions I would be happy to answer them. Thanks and enjoy the class. Also this is a Renee Mullins pattern from her Frosty Friends book.

Step 1 I take my screen and use a wet rag and wash the screen to make sure it is nice and clean or as clean as you can get it. Let it dry. Be sure and use a towel or piece of plastic or something under the screen to catch the drips that will occur. Also do not let the screen part itself touch the table , towel or whatever. I sometimes will put thin boards under my frame to keep that from happening. The screen will look strange on the backside but actually once it dries not bad at all. (See pic 1)

Step 2 Once the screen is dry I take my pattern and put it on the back side of the screen and using masking tape , tape it in place. Put enough tape on it to hold so that it doesn’t move around. Using the white chalk pencil draw in the main pattern. Details will be done once the main part is painted. When you are done with drawing the pattern in take the pattern off the screen. (see pic 2)

~~NOTE: My screen had a frame on it so it did sit above the table work space that I was working on. You don't want the back of the screen to touch any part of the table or whatever as it won't work good. I just had an old painted towel laying under mine to catch any drips but you could use plastic or whatever. If you want to raise it up a bit just put a thin piece of wood or something under it to elevate it a bit.

Step 3 I am showing the paint and the stippler brush so you can see that it takes a lot of paint on the brush because you won’t actually be painting the screen, you use a lot of paint and sort of float over the screen. The holes will fill in but if not you can always go back and fill in if that is the look you want. Some people like some of the holes not filled in for a more rustic look and I will show that as we are painting. I am starting with the snowman head and will do all three of them and fill that in. (See pics 3-7)

Step 4 Once the heads are done then I start on the scarves doing one at a time until I get all three of them painted in. (See pics 8-10)

Step 5 Then I move onto painting the lower part of the snowmen and paint them just as we did the top part. Just take the brush and glide over the screen. (see pic 11)

Step 6 Now I will show how it looks with some of the holes not filled in and some of them filled in. It is up to you which look you like. I prefer the filled in look so often will go back and fill in any squares that doesn’t fill in on their own. (see pics 12 & 13)

Step 7 Once the top is dry then place the pattern over the top and mark in any details that you need like the eyes, noses etc. (see pic 14)

Step 8 Then take the pattern if need be for your design and put it on the back to finish out the noses on the snowmen. Your pattern may not have this but at least you will know if the situation arises. Remove the pattern once you have it marked. (see pic 15)

Step 9 Then take the stippler again and start filling in the noses. But on the part that is already painted you can use just any flat brush or round brush whatever you prefer. It is really easy to paint over the parts that have already been painted. The paint just flows on. But you will need to use the stippler for any parts that have not been painted. (see pic 16)

Step 10 Take the end of the brush and do the eyes . I try to make mine a long circle.
(see pic 17)

Step 11 Next, I take a darker shade of the scarf and some water to water down the paint a bit and I will shade around the scarf. I do this to all the scarves in a darker color than the scarf.
(see pic 18)

Step 12 Then I take a light tan and do the shading around the snowmens body and heads.
(see pic 19)

Step 13 Take a liner brush and draw in the lines on the scarf in the middle and using a slightly smaller brush to do the lines on the other scarves. Or you could any design that you like.
(see pic 20)

Step 14 Do the lines on the other scarf. (see pic 21)

Step 15 This is how they look when the shading is done and the lines are on the scarves. From here you can really put any detail on that you want. (see pic 22)

Step 16 I then took a stencil brush and used some pink paint and dabbed most of it off and then dry brushed the cheeks in. You can do them as dark as you like. (see pic 23)

Step 17 I also took that stencil brush and dry brushed some yellow on the noses and then took the liner brush and made some small black lines on the noses. (see pic 24)

Step 18 I used my paint and put dots on for buttons but then later changed my mind and covered them with buttons. It is your screen so you can do what you want with it.

Step 19 I then used a star stencil and loaded the brush with lots of paint again and put the stars randomly on the screen where I wanted them. (see pic 25)

Step 20 Then I took a pattern for a moon and taped it to the back of the screen again like we did at the beginning, just be careful that the paint is dry on the back or you could have a mess. I then chalk penciled in the moon. If you can freehand this that is fine too. Then I used the stippler and filled it in. (see pic 26)

Step 21~ I did take a wooden star and painted it and then drilled two holes in the center and wire a button to it. The wire was then pushed into the holes in the screen on the middle snowmans scarf. It can be light weight wire if you choose to do this part. Then just twist the wire on the back of the screen. I also did this with the buttons that I decided to do. I didn’t get a separate pic of that but I think you get the idea. (see pic 27)

Step 22 This is the competed screen, I took some raffia and made a bow and then some homespun and made another bow and attached it to the screen. (see pic 28)

I hope that you can do this and find that it is really easy. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

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