Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dapper Snowman Lesson 2

Dapper Snowman’s Hat

From Yellow Fleece I first cut the following:

Hat: 6 ½” x 2 ½ “

Hatband: 6 ½” x 2 “

Pompom: 2 ½” x 1 ¼ “

Please note, if using the Polar fleece the measurements do change slightly;

Polar Fleece Hat: 6 ½”x 3“

No hatband is needed as you will be turning up a cuff instead.

Pompom: is the same

Sew the short sides together to form a tube.
See PIC 1

Hand-gather one end of tube, pull up tightly and fasten off.
See PIC 2

Set this piece aside; it’s time to make the hatband. Sew together the short ends of the band to form a tube. See PIC 3

With wrong sides together, I place a few pins to help hold it while I sew it on the machine: See PIC 4

Now take this band of fabric and pull, push until you have the seam you just sewed in the center back of your tube:
See PIC 5 & PIC 6

Now I like to add a bit of embellishing, I love to embellish….I use 4 strands of embroidery floss and do a simple blanket stitch all around one edge:
See PIC 7

Now set this piece aside as we make the pompom. Do a hand running stitch down the center of your fabric piece. Lay it out flat and with your scissors snip ¼” snips along the edge into the center, being careful not to cut your center row of stitching. Now turn your strip around and once again make ¼” snips along this edge:
See PIC 8

Pull your running stitch up tight and join your two ends fasten off. Now glue your Pompom to the top of your hat. We’re ready to glue the hat to your Snowman…
Place your hat on your Snowman and with the hat pulled down in the back, dab a bit of glue under the back edge of the hat:
See PIC 9

Now for the front of the hat, bring the front down close to his eyes, but not his eyes…he does need to see you, dab a little glue under the edge. You can also do the same to each side. It’s not necessary to glue all the way around.
See PIC 10

Now we’re ready to add his hat band; making sure that your embroidered edge is the top edge, tug the hatband down over the hat and head until you have it where you want it. Sometimes this requires a little extra effort, but it will work. Now a small dab of glue in the back (I try to make sure my back seams line up with each other), a dab of glue to the front and sides and Voila! You’ve done it! Great job….For a little extra embellishing I add a button or rose or some tiny extra by gluing it to the front of the hatband.
See PIC 11

If you haven’t added his vest, now would be a good time along with his arms and scarf.
I hope you have fun with this. Once you’ve done it the first time the rest are easy.
If you used Polar fleece, you don’t need the hatband as the Polar Fleece will roll up into a nice cuff. I still do a blanket stitch around the top of the cuff just to pretty it up.

If you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions, please always feel free to contact me

Hugs ‘n Stitches,

Wanda Redden, in Nova Scotia

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