Monday, May 29, 2006

Snowman Nodder

Designed by snowmen and me

Here is supply list for the Bedspring Snowman Nodder:

1. 1 matress bed spring

2. 1 3" staryfoam ball

3. White acrylic paint

4. Orange color acrylic paint for the nose

5. Black acrylic paint for the mouth

6. Small fine paint brush

7. Delta Fantasy Snow ( you can buy it at any craft shop)

8. 1 popsicle stick cut in half

9. Cleat acrylic sealer (gloss)

10. 1 pc. black felt (9x12)

11. 2 small black buttons for eyes or you can paint the eyes

12. Nose made out of poly clay or White bread clay

13. Epoxy glue

14. Hot glue gun

15. Blush for the cheeks

16. 3 white pipe cleaners braided

17. Small pc. of red foam sheet for the gloves

18. Small pc. material for the scarf and trim around the hat

19. 1 small bird

20. Spanish moss for the bird nest

21. 4 black buttons-different sizes

22. 1 cup sand

23. White school glue

Directions for nose:
Also, I'm posting a pattern for the top hat, scarf and trim around a hat....Nose is made out of White Bread clay...Here is recipe for White Bread Clay:1 to 2 slices white bread, crust removed. 1 tablespoon white glue (I add a pinch of salt to prevent clay from mildew). Rip bread into tiny pc's in a bowl. Add glue and pinch of salt and mix with the fork till all crumbs are moisten. Roll into a ball. Knead till smooth. If dough dries out while working, add a few drops of water and knead. Make a snowman nose and let air dry. Paint it orange. Store rest of the dough in the fridge up to a month. Nose will dry 1-3 days.

Measurements of Snowman Nodder:
The crown for the hat is 3x9 with 1/4" seam.The scarf is 17 1/2x2 1/2".I do some adjustments on the scarf. If I think that is too long, I cut maybe 1 1/2 off.The top hat circle is 2 3/4" across and the cloves are 1"wide and1 1/2" long.

Snowman Nodder Instructions:
I hope that all the instructions are very clear and easy to understand..I like to explain about my camera program..It is very limited on tools, so when you see a black line on the pictures, it represents an arrow...Also just a little hint on the popsicle stick...Cut it in ½ and use one half for mixing epoxy glue and the other half for placing a snow on all way around a bed spring.

Mix epoxy glue. Glue Styrofoam ball to the point of the spring. See black line on the picture.
See PIC 1

This picture shows how it looks after I glued a bedspring to the Styrofoam ball. See black line on the picture.
See PIC 2

Get the white glue, old brush and sand ready for the next step.
See PIC 3

Spread white glue very heavy all over the Styrofoam ball. Cover the ball with sand. Let it dry..Sand give a good texture.
See PIC 4

Spray the Snowman with white spray paint 2 times. Let it dry. Paint Snowman with acrylic white paint 2 or 3 times. Let it dry very good. Spray with Sealer and let it dry again.
See PIC 5

Get epoxy glue, button for eyes, nose and four buttons ready to be glue on the Snowman.
See PIC 6

Hint: Lay the Snowman on the towel before you start to glue.First glue the nose in the center of the face. Hold it till glue sets. Than glue buttons on each side of the nose for the eyes (hold each button till glue sets). Paint thin lines for eyebrows. Let it dry. Paint mouth and blush Snowman cheeks. Spray with sealer. Let it dry.
See PIC 7

Get the 4 buttons ready to be glue to the spring. Cut small Pc. Of white Styrofoam and glue to the buttons with the epoxy glue. Let it dry.
See PIC 8

Push Each individual button against spring. Hold it till glue starts to dry. Black line shows how I hold the buttons.
See PIC 9

Braid 3 pipe cleaners for arms.
See PIC 10

To make hand, glue one side at a time as shown on the picture #11. After both sides are glued, trim around the hands to make sure that both sides match.
See Pic 11

Make 2 cuffs. Cut 2 PC.’s 1" long and 1 1/4" wide out of same material as scarf and trim for the hat. Glue both sides so it won’t ravel.
See PIC 12

Finished cuffs after glued to the top of the arms.
See PIC 13

Sew the short edges of the crown together. Press seam open as shown on nodder hat
See Hat PIC 1

Fold the top circle, brim and crown in half and notch the fold on both sides. Repeat fold and notch on opposite sides as shown on nodder hat
See Hat PIC 2.

Match the notches to each piece of felt, matching top to crown and crown to brim and sew together as shown in nodder hat
See Hat PIC 3.

Turn top hat inside out. Fill crown with polyfill or cotton before glueing hat on snowman head as shown in nodder hat
See Hat PIC 4.

Back to Snowman Nodder Instructions:
Sew trim for the hat in half. Turn inside out. Press flat. Glue the trim starting at the crown seem all way around the hat as shown on the picture.
See PIC 14

This picture show how to lay hands before glue to the arms.
See PIC 15

With other ½ popsicle stick spread Delta Fantasy Snow on the top bedspring as shown on the picture. Let it dry over night.
See PIC 16

Sew scarf on half. Turn inside out. Press flat. Glue around neck leaving about 1 1/2" on the right hand side so you can tie a double knot. After double knot tied, glue rest of the scarf if needed. Glue the hat. Snowman Nodders is done.
See PIC 17

And here is finished Bedspring Snowman Nodder! Have fun making the Snowman.
See PIC 18



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