Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Painted Snowman Spoons

Painted Snowman Spoons

Presented by: Linda (paintlady34)


Spoon-- either tsp or tbsp
masking tape
acrylic paint - colors of choice
gray primer spray paint
paint brushes
pom pom
hot glue
piece of evergreen

Welcome everyone!

Step 1
Make sure your spoon is clean and dry. You can use either a tablespoon or teaspoon whatever you have. I use both but for this class I did use the tablespoon so maybe you can see it better.

Step 2
I take a piece of masking tape and put it down the back of the handle cause you will be painting on the back of the bowl of the spoon. The tape will keep any paint from going on the handle if you want to keep it unpainted. If you do want to paint the handle then just forget about the tape.

Step 3
I use just cheap wal mart brand spray paint in gray and take the spoon outside to spray an even coat of paint on the back of the bowl of the spoon. Let dry before continuing on.

Step 4
Once the primer is dry I take a pencil and just free hand in the hat and brim. You can judge and see how far you want to come down for that. Just remember you have to have a space for the face and the scarf.

Step 5
Ok I chose two colors for the hat, a lighter blue for the hat part and a darker blue for the brim. You can choose any color combo you want or you can paint it all the same color. Your choice. Paint the top part of the hat , usually this takes at least two coats but paint it until you are satisfied with the look.
Step 6
Once the hat part is finished then you can go on to the brim part and paint it the color you chose. We will do the detail stuff later.

Step 7
Take your pencil again and draw a line where you want the scarf to be. You can do it straight across or wavy, anything you want. It is your spoon.

Step 8
Go ahead and paint your snowman face , I used a satin cream but you use what you want. I also paint the scarf part at the same time. I use one of the colors in the hat but once again you can color it any color you want. Use your imagination.

Step 9
Once the paint is dry I take some black paint and a liner brush and draw in the lines on the brim of the hat and then do the lines around the brim and on the scarf. I hope that you can see this in the pic.

Step 10
Once the paint is dry I take the brush and dip the brush in water and then into the paint, brushing back on forth on a palette until the color fades a bit. Then shade the areas on the scarf and hat.

Step 11
Next I take the tip of my brush handle and dip into paint and make dots on the hat. You can put x’s or anything else you want on them but I chose dots. Once again use any color you want.

Step 12
I then take a liner brush and put white highlights on the scarf . You can make them as soft or as dark as you like.

Step 13
Next I take some of the stencil cream and get some on my finger and do the cheeks on the spoon. If you are gonna use paint you can put some on a brush and brush the bristles back and forth on the palette or paper towel or something so you don’t have real heavy paint. You want a soft look. You also can use makeup blush if you like. I like using the stencil cream as I can control it better.

Step 14
Next I take the tip of the brush handle again and make dots for the eyes and mouth. I use black for this. Or if you are fairly good at this you can draw a mouth and change the look. I also paint on the brows for the snowman.

Step 15
I then took some orange paint on a small brush and just freehanded a nose. It makes no difference how you paint it. It is just what you like. Once the paint is dry you can bend the handle of the spoon. Bend it back towards the snowman face. Some spoons are a bit harder to bend than others .

Step 16
I then take the piece of pine and wrap it around the handle of the spoon. You can secure it with a bit of hot glue if you want but I find that it stays pretty well just being wrapped around. I also add a bit of white branch.

Step 17
Finally tie on a ribbon bow and glue on the
pom pom of your choice and he is all done.
Sorry I had to do this in so many steps and I tried to get the best pics that I can so hopefully you can understand some of it . Of course if you make any be sure and share the pics.
Thanks for having me and have fun! Well if there are any questions please feel free to just ask and I will try to explain all I can.
*I did forget to add that you can spray it with a sealer if you want. I did use a matte sealer on mine.


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Thank you, & have fun crafting!