Sunday, June 17, 2007

Memory Bracelet

Memory Bracelet

created by followtheyellowbrickroad

Here is the list of supplies:

You will also need:
a computer

Experienced trouble with scrabble tiles splitting when drilled,
so found these tiles at walmart.

Measure tiles. using a computer program,(i used a card making program) resize your images slightly larger than the tiles and print. lay your tiles on top of images to check for proper size after printing. all of the image that you want to include should be covered by the tile.

Cut out all images. the average adult
wrist will use 6 images.

Apply a coat of tacky glue to top of tile. should not be too thick, picture will slide around too much when image is applied. make sure holes are on the left and right sides of the tiles not the top and bottom. press on image. repeat with remaining tiles. allow to dry.
Using paint marker, paint the back of the tile, i used black. allow to dry. apply second coat if necessary for coverage. allow additional coats to dry.

Trim down image to fit the tile.

Use paint marker to coat the sides of the tile. turn tile image side up. draw a frame around outside edge of image with paint marker.

Apply a layer of glossy accents to top of tile over image. wipe off any that might run down sides of tiles. product is pretty thick going on. do not shake bottle, will cause air bubbles in product. any large bubbles can be popped with pin or needle. my finished pieces have lots of tiny air bubbles so don't be surprised if you see them when piece dries.(in this image, i am trying out a letter sticker instead of an image. hasn't dried yet, don't know how it looks)

Product is milky when wet. allow to dry to clear. apply two more layers, allow to dry between coats. you should start seeing dimension of top with second coat.

Check out the top coat thickness.

Apply a coat of the polyurethane to back and sides of piece. allow to dry. using clear topcoat nailpolish, apply a generous coat of nailpolish to top of piece. this will protect the top from fingerprints or scratches. you must be generous and you must be fairly quick when applying to avoid brush strokes. allow to dry. apply another coat. let dry completely.

Cut a 12 inch piece of stretchy cord. string tiles and beads in pleasing order. check the length against a ruler. when desired length is reached, tie several knots. do the same through bottom holes and remaining beads. tie several knots. pull knots inside tile to hide.

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