Saturday, September 29, 2007

Turkey Wreath

Turkey Wreath by shysue

You will need two soda cans for this project. Cut through the rim of the first can at the opening
Pic #1
When you have cut through the rim, measure three inches from the bottom of the can and mark a line around the can if you like.
Pic #2
Cut around the entire can
Pic #3
Trim edges of can and dispose of the top
Pic #4
Cut the can in half lengthwise. Trim up edges.
Pic #5
Cut eight cuts from cut edge to bottom of can to make feathers
Pic #6
Bend the feathers back like the picture. I have to lightly step on the bottom of the can to do this. Pic #7
You will spray paint now before hot glueing feather sections together.(Mine are not painted in picture, but everything should be painted before glueing.)
Pic #8
Take your second can and mash it together. Again, I have to step or stomp on it.
Pic #9
Before you spray paint it, you need to figure where your neck piece will go and make a hole for it with a craft knife or scissors. You will also need to make two holes for the legs to be glued into it. The end with the opening will be in the back.
Pic #10
For neck you need a 2 1/2 in. twig-paint brown. Legs...two 2 1/2 in twigs-paint yellow with two black lines at knees. bottle cap-paint brown.
Pic #11
Cut craft foam for feet, wattle, and beak in appropriate colors or paint them. Use a 1/8 in. hole punch for two foam eyes. Use a marker to make eye pupils, toenails, and beak hole. Enlarge these pattern pieces to use or free hand your own.
Pic #12
Hot glue feather piece to back of body, head to neck, neck into body, feet onto legs, legs into body. Use craft glue to glue on face pieces. You can make a sign "Eat More Pork" to go around one of the turkey's neck if you want.
Pic #13
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