Sunday, November 18, 2007

Snow Globe Card

Snow Globe Card by Mugsy

card blank
patterned paper if desired
stamped image or clip art
i used a colluzzle, but you can just cut out the shape/hole with scissors
adhesive tape
clear glitter
packing tape (clear)

1. Cut the oval using colluzzle....nested shapes are great when you want to make another cut in a tad larger size:

2. Cut next larger oval from patterned paper :

3. Tape goes on the inside of the front....sticky side OUT:

4. Sticky side is now facing you:

5. Pour on clear or semiclear glitter to coat the sticky stuff:

6. stamped image (you can use your imagination here, so many possiblities) but it must be pretty vibrant or else you wont be able to see anything thru the glitter layer:

7. Taped it to card :

8. Image showing thru :

9. Placed the patterned paper to make a frame...not necessary though :

10. Front is done ! quick and easy project and quite effective
*You can also just do a card front in the technique and then attach that to the card...then you dont have to cover/hide the taping on the back of the card front